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Solid Brass Brass Plate Fittings For Collars and Leads

Pack of 5 Brass Plate Double Cap Rivets. Perfect for joining 2 pieces of the Standard Webbings. See photo for dimensions. 24p a bag or buy 5 bags for £1.15, 25 bags for £5.50, 100 bags for £21.00 £ 0.24 / pack(s) * In Stock can be shipped within 1-2 d.

Copper-Nickel Cu-Ni 90/10 Alloy (UNS C70600)

Lead (Pb) below 0.020 % Manganese (Mn) below 1 % Nickel (Ni) 9 to 11 % Phosphorous (P) below 0.020 % Sulfur (S) below 0.020 % Zinc (Zn) below 0.50 % Role of Chemical Constituents: A Copper-Nickel Alloy consists of copper and nickel as the basic elements and with or without other elements such as zinc may be present by less than 1%. Besides of other

UNS C70600 in Seawater Service - Copper

Figure 9 34 demonstrates the galvanic series of different commercial alloys in flowing seawater. UNS C70600 has a central position in the series. It is nobler than aluminum alloys, carbon and galvanized steel and less noble than stainless steels and titanium alloys. It can be coupled to tin and aluminum bronze. 22.

C46400 Naval Brass "Lead Free" - AMS 4611 | Aviva Metals

C46400 Naval Brass "Lead Free" SAE J461, AMS 4611, 4612, ASTM B21, FEDERAL QQ-B-639, SAE J463. Naval Brass C46400 is nominally composed of 60% copper, 39.2% zinc, and 0.8% tin. As is typical of brass alloys with the duplex alpha + beta structure, C46400 has good strength and rigidity. By substituting tin for an equal quantity of zinc, a high.

C31400 Leaded Commercial Bronze (CDA 314) | Aviva Metals

Like C22000, it is an alpha brass nominally composed of 89% copper and 9% zinc, but it also contains approximately 2% lead to impart free-cutting characteristics. The relatively low zinc content of C31400 provides excellent corrosion resistance in potable water along with a pleasing golden color that matches C22000 hardware. Alloy C31400 is also suitable for outdoor use due to its resistance.

Pub 117 Section 7 - Brasses for corrosion resistance

plates for condensers and other large heat exchangers - usually with Aluminium brass or copper-nickel tubes. 70/30 copper-nickel tubes produce some galvanic acceleration of attack on the tube plate but, as with 60/40 brass, the thickness of the tube plate is such that the dezincification is rarely sufficient to require any remedial action. As.

Copper Alloy | All Metals Forge Group

Copper nickels, aluminum brass, and aluminum bronzes provide superior resistance to saltwater corrosion. Copper alloys have high resistance to alkalies and organic acids, but have poor resistance to inorganic acids. One corrosive situation encountered, particularly in the high-zinc alloy, is dezincification. The brass dissolves as an alloy, but the copper constituent redeposits as a porous.

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